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GracePointe Church is a group of ordinary people who believe in an extraordinary God. We have put our hope and faith in His Son Jesus Christ and we have never been the same. It is our all-consuming desire that all the people of the world would come to see His glory and experience the joy that He gives to those who know and love Him. We seek to reflect the glorious nature of Jesus in our worship, fellowship, stewardship and discipleship. We invite you to come just as you are with a warning that you may be forever changed.

From our pastor


What should a church be? There are differing opinions regarding an answer to the question. What if I asked you what kind of church do you not want to be? Sometimes looking at the same thing from a different perspective can help bring clarity to the issue. GracePointe doesn’t want to be certain things. What are a few of those things? I am glad you asked.  (read more)



Upcoming Events at GracePointe

Sunday Worship @ 9:00 am & 10:45 am
Men's Lunch @ Aniston's Tuesdays @ noon
Celebrate Recovery Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm
Wednesday Bible Study @ 6:30 pm
For a complete listing of events, please visit our online calendar.


How to Become a          Christian


We believe that every one of us is in need of forgiveness. God sincerely and passionately desires to have a relationship with us. He wants to give us eternal life and freedom from the guilt of past mistakes. We also believe that, without Him, you and I can never know satisfaction or fulfillment. (More)


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