Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...

Matthew 28:19

Our belief is that as people choose to volunteer, whether in our church, in the local community, or around the world, the impact of that service will change lives. It changes the lives for those serving, for the people they serve, and even for those that see them giving their time to help someone else.

Current Missions to Pray Over 

Baptist 4 Haiti

Baptists 4 Haiti was formed to continue the work started by the Georgia Baptists Convention Disaster Relief following the earthquake in January 2010. The “4” in Baptists 4 Haiti stands for Preaching, Teaching, Healing, and Building. We partner with churches and campus ministries throughout the United States who are interested in serving in Haiti in these four areas.

Porch de Salomon

Porch de Salomon is a response to several families and their friends being called into lives of love and service in Panajachel, Guatemala. We strive to bring the first-century church’s spirit of adventure, risk, service, and even fun to those who live in a 21st-century world. Solomon’s Porch was an ancient, open place where people seeking transformation gathered to explore Jesus of Nazareth’s radical message of love and redemption.

Join the mission

Serve the Kingdom on our upcoming mission trip to Guatemala

Join a team from Coffee County as they head to serve in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. The team will partner with Porch de Salomon with the primary focus of  building small concrete block homes for impoverished indigenous families (no building expertise required of the team). Some teams also provide free medical or dental clinics and many work with our Porch locals and conduct fun, flexible, afternoon Bible schools in the villages we visit.
Porch de Salomon handles ALL in-country details:  ground transportation, housing, food, translators, construction foreman, etc., so that our teams and their leaders can share a rich experience.
Learn more about the trip.

Encourage our active missionaries

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