Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Study @ GracePointe is a mid-week opportunity for adults to own their faith through Bible study, prayer and connection with friends on the journey together. This service begins at 6:30pm each Wednesday, and is lead by our lead pastor. Adult Bible Study is a verse-by-verse look at either an Old or New Testament book for a consecutive number of weeks.

D Groups

D-Groups are designed to create an environment that is conducive to discipleship in a more intimate setting. They are groups made up of three to twelve individuals or five to six couples for the purpose of training in the doctrines and disciplines of the faith. One of the ways that we can accomplish this is by providing curriculum that advances our purpose at GracePointe Church.

We believe that the people need to grow in worship, fellowship, stewardship and discipleship. The studies have been chosen in order to promote growth in these four essentials practices of a Christian life.

D-Groups are strategically planned throughout the year and usually last five to eight weeks.

Agape Feast

We believe that fellowship as vital to the health of the church as is worship, stewardship, and discipleship. The basic practice of fellowship at GracePointe Church is by Breaking of Bread and Prayer. Agape is an evening where we join together to eat, pray, fellowship and observe The Lord’s Supper.

Agape Feast dates are announced quarterly thorough out the year.


Celebrate Recovery





9:00AM & 10:45AM


Monday8:30AM - 5:00PM
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